Always and Forever, Lara Jean – Spoiler Review

always and forever

Author: Jenny Han

Length: 325 pages (UK paperback edition)

Rating: ★★★★☆


The conclusion to this beautiful series follows Lara Jean Covey through her senior year of high school as she has to make some tough decisions about where she wants to go to college and what her decision will mean for her relationship whilst her family goes through some changes.

Lara Jean

I felt like I could really relate to Lara Jean in this book as she has had the same thoughts and feelings that many of us have probably had about going to university or college. Where you want to go to university is a huge decision that comes with a lot of excitement and worry about whether you will get in and how it will change the different relationships in your life and I felt that Jenny Han portrayed these feelings very well through Lara Jean.

However, I felt that this made Lara Jean quite controlling over the people in her life especially when it came to her Dad’s and Mrs. Rothschild’s wedding and Peter and his Dad.


I’m not going to lie, I did not like Peter at all in this book. I thought that he was so unsupportive of Lara Jean and her decision to go to UNC. Peter seemed very insecure in immature (especially towards John Ambrose McClaren) and if he had been my boyfriend I would have no faith in our relationship lasting through college. A part of me hoped that Lara Jean would break up with him and go out with John Ambrose McClaren.


Kitty was a sassy queen as usual and I will always love her character. She knows what’s what and thinks in such a straight forward way that makes me wonder why all the characters can’t have Kitty’s logic. Her relationship with Peter is very cute and it is the only thing that gives me any faith in that boy. If Kitty likes him he must be good.


Okay, I understand why Margot was thrown off by her dad’s relationship escalating so quickly whilst she was in Scotland but she can’t have just expected her family’s life to stand still whilst she was away and she should have made more of an effort to make Mrs. Rothschild feel welcome and get to know her. I can forgive Margot for this though as she always encouraged Lara Jean to go for what she really wanted and to not let concerns about her relationship stop her from going to UNC.

Overall Thoughts

this book is a perfect summer contemporary read and although i had issues with some characters *ahem* Peter *ahem* I still thoroughly enjoyed it. I am so happy that Jenny Han added this book to the series because I love reading about the Song Girls and I love how much this series focuses on Lara Jean’s relationship with her family.

Random Notes From My Phone

  • Hamilton references yes yes yes!
  • This proposal is so cute
  • Margot be nice
  • Bless Ravi for trying to get on Dr. Covey’s good side
  • Peter stop being such a stupid head

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