The Hazel Wood – Spoiler Free Review

The Hazel Wood

Author: Melissa Albert

Length: 359 pages (UK paperback edition)

Rating: Full StarFull StarFull StarNo StarNo Star


Alice and her mother have always lived life on the road, running away from the strange bad luck that plagues their lives. When Alice’s mother is kidnapped Alice must travel to her estranged grandmother’s fairytale estate to retrieve her.


I loved the plot of this book. I found it mysterious, magical and addictive. I thought Albert manipulated the fairytale genre perfectly to create a wonderful and intense book.

The writing style of this novel is very descriptive, and Melissa Albert uses a lot of imagery to make The Hazel Wood almost seem like a fairytale itself. I very much enjoyed this aspect of the book.

I really loved some of the characters such as Ellery Finch and Janet as I enjoyed their backstories and characterisations. I also enjoyed the physical descriptions of characters as I thought there was the perfect amount. However, I didn’t feel like I could really connect to Alice or Ella which made this book feel like it dragged a little because they were two of the main characters, especially seeing as Alice is the protagonist of the book. I believe that the reader should be able to connect with or understand the protagonist to an extent.

I also felt that the proportions of the book were a bit off. I found myself getting bored of the lead up to the main core of the book and I found myself getting confused during the main part of the book as it was too short and rushed.

Overall, I really loved the concept and storyline of this book but I just wish it had been executed a bit more effectively.

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