Royals Spoiler Free Review

royals cover


Author: Rachel Hawkins

Length: 296 pages (UK Paperback Edition)

Rating: Full StarFull StarFull StarHalf StarNo Star


Meet Daisy Winters. She’s an offbeat sixteen-year-old Floridian with mermaid-red hair; a part time job at a bootleg Walmart, and a perfect older sister who’s nearly engaged to the Crown Prince of Scotland. Daisy has no desire to live in the spotlight, but relentless tabloid attention forces her to join Ellie at the relative seclusion of the castle across the pond.

While the dashing young Miles has been appointed to teach Daisy the ropes of being regal, the prince’s roguish younger brother kicks up scandal wherever he goes, and tries his best to take Daisy along for the ride. The crown–and the intriguing Miles–might be trying to make Daisy into a lady . . . but Daisy may just rewrite the royal rulebook to suit herself.



This book was so fun the whole way through that I almost finished it in one sitting. I especially loved the mix of characterisations and the large amount of character development written by Hawkins.

I adored the settings of Scottish castles, countryside and the idyllic town. I felt that the descriptions of the scenes and views were very well done, not too short or too drawn out. This book made me really want to visit Scotland!

I enjoyed the development of the relationships between Daisy and the other characters as her own character developed throughout the novel. I especially liked the relationship between Daisy and her sister, Ellie. I felt that, although there were strong romantic and friendship aspects to this story there was always enough of a focus on the Winters’ family relationships and dynamics. I have thought this about books a lot more recently!

There was one problem that I had with this book and it was the fact that there isn’t actually a Scottish Royal Family. I understand why Rachel Hawkins created a fictional royal family for her story as it is full of scandal, however, I would have liked a bit more context.

The romance in this novel was so mushy and happy and lovely that I just couldn’t get enough of it! (Honestly I could read a whole other book with this romance and be thoroughly content). *SLIGHT SPOILERS FOR THE ROMANCE AHEAD*

I thought that Daisy and Miles’ personalities contrasted each other so perfectly and whilst they argued a fair amount they were also very supportive of one another which I absolutely loved! Seriously give me more of this romance please!

cute gif

This book is perfect if you’re in the mood for a fluffy and fun story with the perfect dose of royalty, castles and scandal.

Let me know what your favourite feel-good book is in the comments!

Thanks for reading!


Classics to Read and What to Wear Whilst Reading Them



Hey everyone!

For a long while now I have wanted to get into reading classic books as I have only ever really read them for school. Along with the classics that I want to read I am going to show you all some great clothes to go with them!


Jane Austen

I read Pride and Prejudice in high school and I absolutely adored it! I found it easy to read, funny and romantic. I feel that this was the perfect introduction to classic literature for me and I think I should try and read the rest of Jane Austen’s books soon.


Les Miserablés – Victor Hugo

I know, I know. This book is absolutely HUGE. Les Miserablés is incredibly intimidating, however, the musical has been one of my favourites for the longest time and I really want to read the book that it was based on.


Little Women – Louise May Alcott

My mum loves Little Women and bought the book for me when I was younger. I have never read this book but I did watch the movie many times with my sister when I was younger.


Anne of Green Gables – L.M. Montgomery

I recently started watching the Netflix show Anne With an E and I love it so much! I think that this book would be such a lovely read.


Wuthering Heights – Emily Brontë

So many people have said great things about this gothic novel and I think that it would be great to read in winter all cosy in a hoodie.


A Tale of Two Cities – Charles Dickens

I really want to read a Charles Dickens book in my lifetime and A Tale of Two Cities is the one which appeals to me the most.


Literary Book Gifts

All of the clothing items that were shown in this post were from I really really love the huge range of bookish designs that they feature on their t shirts, hoodies, tank tops, tote backs and rucksacks. If you would like to buy any products from their store feel free to use my exclusive discount code: TimeTravellingReader20 for 20% off your purchase. There is no minimum spend for this discount and you can use it as many times as you like!


Thanks for reading!



Stalking Jack the Ripper Spoiler Review

Jack the Ripper


Author: Kerri Maniscalco

Length: 326 pages (Hardback Edition)

Rating: Full StarFull StarFull StarFull StarFull Star


Seventeen-year-old Audrey Rose Wadsworth was born a lord’s daughter, with a life of wealth and privilege stretched out before her. But between the social teas and silk dress fittings, she leads a forbidden secret life.

Against her stern father’s wishes and society’s expectations, Audrey often slips away to her uncle’s laboratory to study the gruesome practice of forensic medicine. When her work on a string of savagely killed corpses drags Audrey into the investigation of a serial murderer, her search for answers brings her close to her own sheltered world.




This is the first five star book that I have read in a long while. The plot had the perfect pace as it wasn’t too dense with action or too drawn out. I feel that the romance was very well done in this book as it did not overshadow the main plot, but intertwined well with the mystery. Maniscalco made some changes to the real life mystery of Jack the Ripper and they made the story all the more intriguing (the locations and details of these changes were shown at the end of the book).

I loved the different characterisations and relationships in this book as the characters complimented and contrasted each other well. Audrey Rose was by far my favourite character as she defied unfair expectations of women in the Victorian era, for example: training for a job that was deemed ‘inappropriate for women’ and refusing an arranged marriage.

I felt that Audrey Rose’s relationship with Thomas Cresswell was realistic as there were both positive and negative aspects to it. Both characters could be difficult and stubborn at times but they both respected each other greatly and trusted one another’s opinions.

I liked the different types of relationships that Audrey Rose had with different members of her family. Her mother’s death caused some members of the family to become closer and created rifts between other members of the family as blame was passed around. Audrey Rose’s very close relationships with her brother and uncle contrast greatly with her very distant relationship with her father. I especially enjoyed the way in which Audrey Rose’s relationship with her uncle was both personal and professional.

I loved the mystery of this book as I didn’t guess who the murderer was until Nathaniel was revealed at the end. The use of red herrings was effective as my mind was changed so may times throughout the story as every red herring was realistic due to their personalities and motives.

Nathaniel being revealed as Jack the Ripper showed just how much of a complex character he was as he did it out of grief for his mother’s death and love for his family rather than pure malice.

Some parts of Stalking Jack the Ripper are quite gruesome and not for the squeamish, however, this book was absolutely brilliant and I would recommend this to anyone looking for an action-filled mystery.


What I’m Reading Wednesday



Hi everyone!

What I’m Reading Wednesday is something that I started a while ago to keep track of what I am reading on a weekly basis. I haven’t written a What I’m Reading Wednesday for a while because of exams and such.

Daughter of Smoke and Bone

Daughter of Smoke and Bone – Laini Taylor


Page: 50 of 418

Thoughts so far: I can already tell that I’m going to love this whole trilogy. I love Laini Taylor’s use of imagery and I really enjoy the small doses of humour in this book. I can’t wait to continue with this book!


The Unexpected Everything

The Unexpected Everything – Morgan Matson


Page: 122 of 517

Thoughts so far: This is the perfect post-exam contemporary read! I love the Summer setting, the friendship and, of course, the dogs. I’m really really enjoying this book so far.


Let me know what you’re reading at the moment in the comments.

Thanks for reading!

My June TBR – The Summer of Series

Hey everyone!

I have decided that I would like to use the free time that I will have this summer to catch up on series that I feel I am taking too long to read. I will read a few other books during my time off uni, such as contemporary stand-alones, but I will mostly be focusing on series’ during this long summer.

So, without further ado, here is my June TBR:


city of ashes

City of Ashes – Cassandra Clare



Clary Fray just wishes that her life would go back to normal. But what’s normal when you’re a demon-slaying Shadowhunter, your mother is in a magically induced coma, and you can suddenly see Downworlders like werewolves, vampires, and faeries? If Clary left the world of the Shadowhunters behind, it would mean more time with her best friend, Simon, who’s becoming more than a friend. But the Shadowhunting world isn’t ready to let her go — especially her handsome, infuriating, newfound brother, Jace. And Clary’s only chance to help her mother is to track down rogue Shadowhunter Valentine, who is probably insane, certainly evil — and also her father.

To complicate matters, someone in New York City is murdering Downworlder children. Is Valentine behind the killings — and if he is, what is he trying to do? When the second of the Mortal Instruments, the Soul-Sword, is stolen, the terrifying Inquisitor arrives to investigate and zooms right in on Jace. How can Clary stop Valentine if Jace is willing to betray everything he believes in to help their father?



Daughter of Smoke and Bone

Daughter of Smoke and Bone – Laini Taylor

In general, Karou has managed to keep her two lives in balance. On the one hand, she’s a seventeen-year-old art student in Prague; on the other, errand-girl to a monstrous creature who is the closest thing she has to family. Raised half in our world, half in ‘Elsewhere’, she has never understood Brimstone’s dark work – buying teeth from hunters and murderers – nor how she came into his keeping. She is a secret even to herself, plagued by the sensation that she isn’t whole.

Now the doors to Elsewhere are closing, and Karou must choose between the safety of her human life and the dangers of a war-ravaged world that may hold the answers she has always sought.



The Unexpected Everything

The Unexpected Everything – Morgan Matson


Andie had it all planned out. When you are a politician’s daughter who’s pretty much raised yourself, you learn everything can be planned or spun, or both. Especially your future. Important internship? Check. Amazing friends? Check. Guys? Check (as long as we’re talking no more than three weeks).

But that was before the scandal. Before having to be in the same house with her dad. Before walking an insane number of dogs. That was before Clark and those few months that might change her whole life. Because here’s the thing—if everything’s planned out, you can never find the unexpected. And where’s the fun in that?


heir of fire

Heir of Fire – Sarah J. Maas



Celaena has survived deadly contests and shattering heartbreak―but at an unspeakable cost. Now, she must travel to a new land to confront her darkest truth . . . a truth about her heritage that could change her life―and her future―forever. Meanwhile, brutal and monstrous forces are gathering on the horizon, intent on enslaving her world. Will Celaena find the strength to not only fight her inner demons, but to take on the evil that is about to be unleashed?

The bestselling series that has captured readers all over the world reaches new heights in this sequel to the New York Timesbest-selling Crown of Midnight. Packed with heart-pounding action, fierce new characters, and swoon-worthy romance, this third book will enthrall readers from start to finish.


Let me know what you’re planning on reading this month in the comments.

Thanks for reading!

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What I’m Reading Wednesday


I have been slowly plodding along with Scarlet this week. I have decided that it would be best to just put all the other books that I was reading on hold and just work on finishing one book at a time.


I am now halfway through Scarlet and I am really really enjoying it! I am so happy that I decided to delve back into the Lunar Chronicles and I look forward to reading further into this amazing series.

Scarlet is really bringing me out of the horrible reading slump that I was in. I feel like I will fly through the second half of this book. I am loving the new characters that have come into the second book and I love the way in which the stories inter-twine.

I think that these updates are a good way to track what I’m reading and how fast I’m reading. I’m hoping that this will bring me out of my reading slump once and for all.

What I’m Reading Wednesday


I’ve found that, since I moved away from home and started university, I’ve completely lost all motivation to read. This is because I’m always either at uni, with my flatmates, working or sleeping. Reading is one of my favourite things to do and I hate that I feel like I have no time for it anymore.

So, to try and motivate myself to read more I am going to set myself the challenge of reading for at least half an hour every night before going to sleep. I am also going to upload short update every Wednesday.

I really hope that this is going to encourage me to do more of something that I really really love to do. It’ll also just give me some time to myself to just relax and read.

I currently have quite a few books on the go due to this terrible reading slump.


The first book that I started reading was ‘They Both Die at the End’ by Adam Silvera. I was absolutely loving this book but I guess I just forgot about it. ‘They Both Die at the End’ is set in a world where people get a phone call on the day that they’re going to die. The book follows two boys who receive the phone call on the same day and end up meeting through an app which helps people find a friend on their last day.

Gentlemans Guide

The second book was ‘The Gentleman’s Guide to Vice and Virtue’ by Mackenzi Lee. I was absolutely loving this book and got about half way through, but, I decided to take a break on it because it was quite a long book and after going through such a huge reading slump, I decided to go back to it later and read something different for a bit. ‘The Gentleman’s Guide to Vice and Virtue’ follows a boy called Henry Montegue, or ‘Monty’, as he sets off on his tour of the continent with his sister and his best friend, Percy.

Shatter Me

I then started reading ‘Shatter Me’ by Tahereh Mafi. I only got a couple of chapters through this book before I decided that I wanted to read something a bit easier to get me out of this slump. I really don’t know anything about the plot of this book as I want to go into it knowing as little as possible.


I am now reading ‘Scarlet’ by Melissa Meyer. I decided to read this book because I read Cinder a few years ago so I already know that this is a world that I love, and I’ve been meaning to carry on the series for a while now. ‘Scarlet’ is the second book in ‘The Lunar Chronicles’ series, so I’m not going to include a synopsis here as I don’t want to spoil ‘Cinder’ for anyone.


Thanks for reading! Comment what you’re currently reading below.


The Hazel Wood – Spoiler Free Review

The Hazel Wood

Author: Melissa Albert

Length: 359 pages (UK paperback edition)

Rating: Full StarFull StarFull StarNo StarNo Star


Alice and her mother have always lived life on the road, running away from the strange bad luck that plagues their lives. When Alice’s mother is kidnapped Alice must travel to her estranged grandmother’s fairytale estate to retrieve her.


I loved the plot of this book. I found it mysterious, magical and addictive. I thought Albert manipulated the fairytale genre perfectly to create a wonderful and intense book.

The writing style of this novel is very descriptive, and Melissa Albert uses a lot of imagery to make The Hazel Wood almost seem like a fairytale itself. I very much enjoyed this aspect of the book.

I really loved some of the characters such as Ellery Finch and Janet as I enjoyed their backstories and characterisations. I also enjoyed the physical descriptions of characters as I thought there was the perfect amount. However, I didn’t feel like I could really connect to Alice or Ella which made this book feel like it dragged a little because they were two of the main characters, especially seeing as Alice is the protagonist of the book. I believe that the reader should be able to connect with or understand the protagonist to an extent.

I also felt that the proportions of the book were a bit off. I found myself getting bored of the lead up to the main core of the book and I found myself getting confused during the main part of the book as it was too short and rushed.

Overall, I really loved the concept and storyline of this book but I just wish it had been executed a bit more effectively.

Please leave a comment with your own opinions!

Daughter of the Burning City – Spoiler Free Review

Daughter Burning City

Author: Amanda Foody

Length: 404 pages (UK paperback edition)

Rating: Full StarFull StarFull StarFull StarNo Star


This story follows sixteen year old Sorina who lives with a travelling circus. Sorina is a very rare illusion-worker and has the ability to make illusions that can be seen by others and have their own characteristics. She and her illusions are the family that make up the Freak Show. Sorina believes that her illusions are not actually real until one of them is murdered.


Daughter of the Burning City is a beautifully written, magical and mysterious novel about a girl living in a travelling festival. I absolutely adored the use of imagery and description to present the extravagancy of the setting and the characters and I felt that the plot was very original.

I loved the relationship between Sorina and her family of illusions and I really enjoyed reading the banterous back-and-forth dialogue that happened between all the family members. I thought that each family member was so different from each other and, more importantly, I was happy to see that all the family members were very different to Sorina as I was worried in the beginning that they would all have very similar characterisations which would have made the story bland, however, I was happy to find that this was very much the opposite and all the characters were very original. The only downside to this was that the very quirky characteristics of the illusions made Sorina seem a bit mundane. I liked the way that each of Sorina’s illusions took on the role of family members that Sorina did not previously have in her life.

I felt that the plot of this book was unlike any book I have read before and I loved the combination of fantasy and murder mystery that Amanda Foody presented in her story. I thought that the drip feeding of information throughout Daughter of the Burning City was done very well and really emphasised the mystery of the story which made this read all the more enjoyable. I delighted in the setting of Gomorrah and its beauty. I really liked the idea of Gomorrah being a home for outcasts with many different and unusual abilities.

I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who is looking for a dark yet magical story with a fast paced plot, beautiful imagery and loveable characters. Praise to Amanda Foody for writing such a great book!

July Wrap-Up & August TBR

I’m quite happy with what I’ve read this month, but I definitely did NOT follow my TBR. I took part in the Read-A-Thon by Zoe which helped increase the amount I read this month a lot.


July Wrap-Up

when dimple met rishi

When Dimple Met Rishi by Sandhya Menon: ★★★★☆

fantastic beasts

Fantastic Beasts & Where to Find Them by J.K. Rowling: ★★★☆☆


Because You Love to Hate Me edited by Ameriie: ★★★★★

Finding Audrey

Finding Audrey by Sophie Kinsella: ★★★★☆

Paper Girls vol 1

Paper Girls Vol. 1 by Brian K. Vaughan, Cliff Chiang (Illustrator) and Matthew Wilson (Illustrator): ★★★☆☆


August TBR


Zenith by Sasha Alsberg and Lindsay Cummings

Alex & Eliza

Alex & Eliza by Melissa De La Cruz

Daughter Burning City

Daughter of the Burning City by Amanda Foody